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Published in: Rafael Capurro and Michael Nagenborg (eds.). Ethics and Robotics. Heidelberg: Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft 2009, V-IX.

Table of Contents

Rafael Capurro, Michael Nagenborg

What should We Want from a Robot Ethic?
Peter M. Asaro

Robot Ethics: A View from the Philosophy of Science
Guglielmo Tamburrini

Social Robots - Emotional Agents: Some Remarks on Naturalizing Man-Machine Interaction
Barbara Becker

Ethical Reflections on Health Care Robotics
Edoardo Datteri, Guglielmo Tamburrini

Robots in War: Isues of Risks an Ethics
Patrick Lin, George Bekey, Keith Abney

Preventive Arms Control for Uninhabitated Military Vehicles
Jürgen Altmann

Robotic Warfare, Human Rigts & the Rhetorics of Ethical Machines
Jutta Weber

Towards Robots with Good Will
Toyoaki Nishida

Ethics and Robotics.
Rafael Capurro

The ideas developped in this paper were discussed at several meetings of the EU Project ETHICBOTS. The website of the project is not available any more.

See: Ethics and Robotics, Guest Editors: Daniela Cerqui, Jutta Weber, Karsten Weber, International Review of Information Ethics 6 / 2006





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