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 1971年、サ ルヴァドー ル大学(アルゼンチン、ブエノスアイレス)にて哲学修士学位取得
 1973年、ドキュメンテーションスクール(ドイツ、フランクフルト・アム・ マイン)卒業。
 1978年、デュッセルドルフ大学(ドイツ)より哲学博士学位取得。博士論 文:『情報』。
 1980-85年、カールスルー エ専門情報センター勤 務。
       教授資格論文: 『専門情報の解釈学
 1989-2004年、シュトゥットガルト大学哲学研究 所私 講師。
 2000-2005; 2005-2010 年、欧州科学新技術 倫理グループ(EGE)委員。
 2005-2008年、ザルツブルク大学先端情報通信 技術・社会研究センター国際諮問委員。
 2007-2008 / 2009-2010年、米国ウイスコン シン大学ミルウォーキー校情報政策研究センター特別研    究員。
   2010-2012年、米国ウイ スコンシン大学ミルウォーキー校情報学部・特別上席研究員(情報倫理研究担当)。

 国際情 報倫理学センター(ICIE)設立者。
 世界技術ネットワーク(WTN) 創設メンバー。
 International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE) 編集長 (2004-2018)
 NanoEthics. Ethics for Technologies that converge at the nanoscale 編集委員
編集長: Christopher Coenen) (2006-)
 国際日本研究専攻とは(2015-2017), Senior Fellow, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan.
Member of  the Advisory Board for Integrity and Corporate Responsibility of Daimler AG (May 2016 - July 2017)
Academic Advisor of the Institute of Philosophy & Technology

INSEIT / Joseph Weizenbaum Award in Information and Computer Ethics, 2021.

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 Information Cultures

Information Cultures in the Digital Age.  A Festschrift in Honor of Rafael Capurro. Editors: Matthew Kelly and Jared Bielby. Wiesbaden: Springer 2016

Thanks and Responses by Rafael Capurro

Charles Sturt University: Book honours study of information, philosophy and culture (18 Apr 2017)

 教育 及び 研究  

  情報学          Information Science  
  情報倫理学    Information Ethics
  情報マネジメント  Information Management  
  メディア哲学      Philosophy of Media  

Founder (1999)



Founder and Editor in Chief (2004-2018)


International Review of Information Ethics


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Member of the Advisory Board


Philosophy of Information


Glossarium BITri. Interdisciplinary Elucidation of Concepts, Metaphors, Theories and Problems Concernning Information. Coordinators: José María Díaz Nafría, Mario Pérez-Montoro Gutiérrez, Francisco Salto Alemany. Contributions on: angeletics, hermeneutics, intercultural information ethics, message, roboethics, information ethics. Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena (ed.), Ecuador, 2016.

    日本 での研 究活動
 Activities, Publications and Presentations in Japan

TRAVEL N. 6 (2015)

Roboethics Japan 2015

TRAVEL N. 5 (2013)

  • The Quest for Information Ethics and Roboethics in East and West ed. by Makoto Nakada and Rafael Capurro. Research Report on trends in information ethics and roboethics in Japan and the West (with a report on "An Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Joint-Workshop on Privacy and Publicenss in East and West' by ReGIS and ICIE with support from the Doctoral Program in International Advanced Japanese Studies (Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan). March 31, 2013 (ISSN 2187-6061) published by ReGIS and ICIE.
    • Foreword (Rafael Capurro)
    • Privacy and Publicness from an intercultural viewpoint (Rafael Capurro) (See Chapter 2 of this report)
    • An intercultural dialogue on roboethics (Makoto Nakada and Rafael Capurro)
    • Cultural meanings and values associated with IIE (intercultural information ethics) topics in Japan, China and Thailand
    • Intercultural Information Ethics: A Reflection (Soraj Hongladarom)
    • An interdisciplinary and intercultural joint-workshop on privacy and publicness in East and West - live, culture and society in the information era (Soraj Hongladarom, Sun Chunchen et al.)
Japan 2ß13

  • Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Joint-Workshop on Privacy and Publicness in East and West "Life, Culture and Society in the Information Era" organized by Institute for Information and Media Ethics as well as ReGIS (Research Group on the Information Society, University of Tsukuba), Doctoral Program in International Advanced Japanese Studies (Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba) and the International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE), University of Tsukuba, October 4-5, 2012. See: Rafael Capurro, Michael Eldred and Daniel Nagel: Digital Whoness: Identity, Privacy and Freedom in the Cyberworld.  Frankfurt: Ontos 2013 (Internet-Privacy Project) 


Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics 2011


Beyond Humanisms. In: Toru Nihigaki and Tadashi Takenouchi, Editors: Information Ethics. The Future of the Humanities. Nagoya City: V2 Solution Publisher, 2012, 26-74.

  • The Quest for Roboethics: A Survey. In: T. Kimura, M. Nakada, K. Suzuki, Y. Sankai (eds.): Cybernics Technical Reports. Special Issue on Roboethics. University of Tsukuba, CYB-2011-001 - CYB-2011-008, 39-59.

TRAVEL N. 4 (2009)
  • University of Tsukuba, 2009:
  • Cybernics, Univ. of Tsukuba, September 30, 2009 (PowerPoint)
  • Symposium: Ethics and Robotics, Univ. Tsukuba, October 3, 2009 (PowerPoint)
  • First Japanese-Chinese Symposium on Intercultural Information Ethics, Univ. of Tsukuba, October 5-6, 2009 (PowerPoint)
Uehiro 2009 

Dr. Noboru Maruyama  (The Uehiro Foundation) and Rafael Capurro

Nara Chuguji temple

Bodhisattva_Chuguiji temple
See also: Miroku Boisatsu

TRAVEL N. 3 (2007)

  • Presentation at ReGIS, University of Tsukuba, 3-6 October 2007: "The Thought of Information Ethics" (English/Japanese) (PowerPoint)

Nakada_Capurro 2007

Prof. Makoto Nakada (University of Tsukuba) and Rafael Capurro
  • 2007101日〜14日、社会環境情報学研究所(ISSISの招聘により来日、筑波大学ほかで研究会を開催予定
  • ラファエル・カプーロ 著,竹之内禎訳「情報倫理学の存在論的基礎づけに向けて」
    西垣通・竹之内禎編訳 著情報倫理の思想』(第三章), NTT出版, 2007
    (原論文:Rafael CapurroTowards an Ontological Foundation of Information Ethics, 2005)

TRAVEL N. 2  (2003)

  • ReGIS-FH Stuttgart (HdM) Joint-Workshop in Tsukuba, 5-7 June, 2003
  • ラファエル・カプーロ講演「情報倫理学」1998, 立教大学

TRAVEL N. 1 (1998)
  • Sabbatical 1998:
    • Goethe Institute
    • Sophia University,
    • Rikkyo University,  
    • Nagaoka  University of Technology
    • University of Library and Information Science (ULIS, Tsukuba)


Prof. Koichiro Matsuno (Nagaoka University of Technology) and Rafael Capurro

    • University of  Library  and Information Science (ULIS, Tsukuba):
Ulis 1998

Prof. Endo, Rafael Capurro, Prof. Sekiguchi, Prof. Oba (from left to right)

Visit to Elmar Weinmayr (Kyoto)
Gibt es eine europäische Philosophie?
Bauen als Denkaufgabe

Visit to Tubaki Iwami (Beulah Pottery)



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Tadashi and Akiko, Tokyo 2015

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